Family Add-Ons

“Share the care” with friends and family

At CureMyPC, we believe excellent tech support should be shared, which is why we created our Family Add-On plan. This plan allows you to add a computer to either the Annual Care or 2 Year PC Care plans. There is no limit to how many computers you can add, so whether it’s a friend, family member, or just about anyone else, there’s no reason why you can’t “share the care!”

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What others are saying
Totally fantastic! This takes the guesswork and most importantly, repair time to a complete minimum. Thank you! The Annual Care plan is the most simplistic and economic package one could get – complete with quality, service, and care. I'm sold!
Live Oak, FL
CureMyPC is wonderful! They took care of the issues and called back later to make sure everything was still okay. I will happily refer friends. If I ever need a tech again, I wont hesitate to call.
Tisha Miller
Longview, TX