Did you know that you can save a lot of money by making your old computer new again by restoring them to the factory settings? Have you ever bought a new computer because you think your old one is too slow or outdated?


Well here are few tips that can help you reduce your spending on new computers. When you first buy a computer, it’s brand new and looks nice and it’s fast. After a while the computer starts to slow down and everything seems to be outdated. Well there are numerous factors why your computer slows down so much after a few years of having that computer. It could be that you have downloaded or saved a lot of files and they are taking up all the space in your hard drive. You can try deleting some of the files that you may not need anymore, that will help you increase the disk space.

When you first bought the computer it should come with some Cd’s inside the box, you will have to use those to restore the computer. Every computer is different so depending on the computer you have it might be difficult to restore it to the factory settings. Some computers you don’t really need to a CD to restore it but some do need the cd to restore the computer. Restoring your computer to the factory settings has a really good benefit; you can use the same computer you are used to, except it won’t be too slow. slow computers usually result from leaving your computer on overnight or when you leave your computer on for long time, it starts to form dust on fan, when the fan is clogged with dust it can slow it down really bad, you can actually open the computer and get some air duster and clean up the fan, it will help the computer a lot. Another way you can speed up your computer is to add more Ram (memory), it will definitely boost up the speed after you upgrade.

If you aren’t able restore the computer to factory settings on your own, you can always contact an expert, who is here for your computer needs 24/7, just give us a call at (800)349-4824, at CureMyPC our certified technicians are always here to help you answer any questions you might have about your computer. Our services are guaranteed, call us now and we will do a free diagnoses of your computer. We make sure to give you 100 percent satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you.