You are already very frustrated, you are browsing the web and all of sudden you see a pop up saying Limited or No connectivity?


Then you start wondering why it says Limited or No connectivity with your wireless network. As you know wireless internet is the greatest invention, which is why we expect instant access to the internet. When your network turns to Limited connectivity it is really slow and it’s really frustrating because you have to wait until the website loads and sometimes it takes forever. Sometimes trying to reset the router might help but if it still has the same problem even after you tried that you can try a couple more things to slow the problem. Many times it's not only just the router problem it could also be the computer problem. Getting a computer tune up every now and then is really good for your computer.  

Here are a few tips that you can try to fix the problem:

1) It might be that your IP Address is Invalid

*Right click on the wireless connection then click properties and the click configure

*Click the driver tab on the top.

*Click uninstall at the bottom

*Now restart your computer, it should re install and work

2) Changing your Password

*Try going into network settings and change the password for your wireless network.

3) Check your Router

*Sometimes your router could break down that could also cause for the Limited or No connectivity to pop up, try turning off the router and resetting the router, you can unplug all the wires and then wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

After you have tried all of these instructions and the Limited or No connectivity still pops up there might be something else wrong with your computer such as a software problem, this is when you would need to seek professional help, There are many companies out there that can fix this problem but the best one is CureMyPC, we give you 100 percent guarantee with our services you can give us a call we will take care of it (800) 349-4824, at CureMyPC we value our customers, we will diagnose your computer for free, our services are 100 percent guaranteed.  All our certified technicians are here 24/7 at your service to help you with all the questions that you may have about your computer and if you need any services.