Are you stuck with the FBI Cyber Crime Division Virus? If so we can help you delete that virus from your computer. This particular virus has been going around and has been attacking computers randomly. After you have become its victim, it will then lock your computer completely, from there on you won’t have any access to your computer. There will be a message that pops up on your monitor. This message is supposedly from the FBI, instead it’s from Cyber Crime Criminals that hack into your computer and release the FBI Cyber Crime Division Virus so they can take control of your computer.


Once they have attacked your computer, they will lock the computer and then demand that you pay them a fine for using the computer for illegal purposes, such as child pornography. These fines range anywhere from 200 dollars to 400 dollars, sometimes it could be more than the estimated amount. This message also states that if you do not take care of that fine, then they will file a case under your name in the court of law, which could lead to 4 to 12 years in prison. When its message pops up, it’s highly recommended that you contact a computer expert and have them remove the FBI Cyber Crime Division Virus from your computer.

The FBI highly recommends that you do not ignore this message and have it removed as soon as possible from your computer by a certified computer technician. The FBI also suggests that you, not to pay the fine! Even if you do pay the fine the screen still be the same, paying the fine would not change it back to normal. In some cases let’s just say that you pay for the fine and the screen unlocks, what you don’t know is, they are still in the background taking every bit of information you have on your computer. It will appear as if nothing happened to your computer after you pay, but every time you enter your credit card information they will take it from your computer.
Why take up all the hassle trying to figure out how to remove the FBI Cyber Crime Division Virus? Instead give CureMyPC a call and get your PC diagnosed for free, our certified technicians are here 24/7 to assist you with our best and recommended services. We look forward to hearing from you; you can reach us at (800)349-4824.