With computers you will get some sort of problems every now and then, most of them are fixable, and then there are other problems that you can’t even do anything about, most of the problems occur through software problems. It could be that your software on the computer being outdated or you haven’t done an updates to the computer so the computer is slow and sometimes your hardware stops working. Most of the software problems that occur in your computer can be fixed, and a couple of them you can do yourself.


There are many problems that occur sometimes with the software such as your computer sound not working. Have you ever had this problem? It can be an easy task to do but yet it can also be that you don’t have the right software for it and you would have to download it. In many cases users forget to plug in the cord for the speakers and all you would have to do is plug in the wire. Some outputs for the cables are located in the front of your pc, try finding one, if you don’t see any then you must have on the back of your computer.

If you plug it in and you test it out, if there is no sound try to put the volume a little higher. The volume icon is usually located at the bottom right hand corner of your monitor screen. IF you don’t see the icon you can click start-> Click Control panel->Click Sound, see if you have the driver installed. If there is no driver installed you will need to download one, the drivers are usually free and you can download them off the internet. You can try searching for the right driver and go through all that hassle or call an expert who can take care of it for you and sometimes you might find the driver and after you download the driver it may not work. It’s really rear but once in a while you might want to check the speakers if they are functional.

 After you have tried everything possible that you can do, and there is still no sound from your computer you can give us a call at (800)349-4824 at CureMyPC we can access your computer and fix the problem, so you can be hassle free. Many of the sound problems relate to the software problems, we can help get your sound back. Call us now so we can diagnose your computer and see what’s wrong with the computer. We look forward to hearing from you.