Ever had to deal with the 404 error? This error has been going around for many years, mostly common in the web browsers internet explorer, fire fox and goggle chrome etc. When you are trying to browse the internet, all the information comes from a web server and if you look up a website that does not exist then the server sends a message saying 404 page not found, it doesn’t mean the computer is broken. When you get this error message, carefully check the address you are trying to reach and make sure you typed it right with no spelling mistakes, or if the URL has numbers make sure the number lock is on.


If you are using an old bookmark and it shows the 404 page not found then it most likely means that the site doesn’t exist anymore, usually the websites are down because the owner hasn’t updated his information. Websites such as eBay, amazon and etc., now days tend to have their own 404 error codes. There are many other error codes similar to 404 error code such as: Page cannot be displayed; Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, 404: Not Found, The page cannot be found, Error 404: NOT FOUND, HTTP 404 – File not found and Not Found. There are so many more errors other than just these few. These errors could be fixed by yourself sometimes other times it can get worse and you would need help from a certified technician.

Here are a couple of things you may try before contacting an expert:

1) Try refreshing the page and or try the URL from the address bar again. Sometimes the 404 Error appears even if there isn’t an issue so a sometimes when you refresh the page it will work.

2) Look at the URL and see if you misspelled any words, often the 404 error appears because you typed the URL wrong.

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